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Step 5: Hoops. The hoops play a huge role in the tone and attack of your drums, so choose wisely. Triple flange is standard. But we can also do Wood, Die cast, S hoops, Stick Saves, Stick choppers and Single Flange hoops.

Step 4: Choose your lugs. We recommended Tear drop, Bow-tie or Tube lugs. But really the choice is yours. If there is something out there you like more, we will gladly use it.

Step 6: Brackets. There are many different ways to mount drums. We only use very heavy duty 10.5mm to 12.7mm brackets.

Step 7: Air vents: We typically use 1/2" Threaded vents on each drum. There are other styles out there available. For example, we can put a 5" hole in every drum. Or not have any vents at all. The choice is yours.

Step 8: Choose your spurs. We recommend heavy duty pro spurs. There are many styles out there.

Your dream custom kit is only 15 steps away

You Dream It. We Build It!

Step 1: Choose your shell material. We can mix and match any of the materials shown below. Create your own custom hybrid shell. The sky is the limit. If what you want is not seen here, let us know and we will find it.

Step 2: Shell specifications. We can make the shells any depth you want. Diameter is based on hoops sizes that are available. When choosing your diameter here are your options. Depth X Diameter (example 10 Deep X 12 around)


Shell thickness: The most commonly used would be 8ply shells. It is known for being very durable and lightweight. When choosing shell thickness thicker shells are louder/brighter while thinner are loud/warmer. Here are your choices: 5-30plys, you choose the wood for each ply.

Example: 5ply warm, 6ply warmer 8ply Medium, 15-30ply very loud/very bright

Bearing edges: The contours (angle or round) cut at the edges of the drum shell. The bearing edge is where the drum head "bears", or makes contact with the drum shell. The style and quality of the bearing edge has a great effect on the sound of the drum. We can accommodate just about any bearing edge request.

Step 3: Choose your finish.  We offer Wrap, Stain, Lacquer and Hybrid finishes. The sky is the limit when it comes to the look of your custom drum kit or snare.






Satin Flame


Step 9: Tension Rods. We have a few different styles to choose from. Including Tight Screw rods and standard. We can also do T rods on not just the bass drum but all the drums.
Step 10: Claws. We have many styles to choose from and can get whatever you want, weather it just for your bass drum or the entire kit.

Step 11:  Snare wires. Our custom snares come stock with Puresound wires. However will put any type of wires you choose.

Step 12:  Snare Drum Throw Offs. We use Trick throws on all of our custom snares. If you like another style more, we will use that instead.
Step 13: Floor tom mounting. We recommend using GPI floating floor tom system. We can also mount right on to the shell.
Step 14: Tom & Snare mounting. We recommend Gpi Floating Rims mounts. We can also mount right onto the shell or snare stand.
Step 15: Heads. Heads make a huge impact on your drums sound. We have a full stock of all the major head companies. Remo, Evens, Aquarian and Attack.


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Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm - Sat. 11am-6pm - Sun. Closed