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                   Tear Drop, Bow-tie, Tube



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-------------------Step 1-------------------

Step 1: Choose your shell material. We can mix and match any of the materials shown above. Create your own custom hybrid shell. The sky is the limit. If what you want is not seen here, let us know and we will find it.

-------------------Step 2-------------------

Step 2: Shell details, depth is endless, we can manufacture shells to be any size. Diameter is different. We have to work around the size of hoops that are offered. When choosing your diameter here is your choices. Depth X Diameter (example 50X6)


Shell thickness: The most commonly used would be 8ply shells, known for being very durable and still lightweight. When choosing shell thickness you should know thicker shells are louder/brighter while thinner are loud/warmer. Here are your choices: 5,6,8,10-30ply

5ply warm, 6ply warmer 8ply Medium, 10-30ply very loud/very bright

Bearing edges: The contours (angle or round) cut at the edges of the drum shell. The bearing edge is where the drum head "bears", or makes contact with the drum shell. The style and quality of the bearing edge has a great effect on the sound of the drum. We can accommodate just about any bearing edge request.

------------------Step 3------------------

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                  Satin Flame


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